C-Suite Assessment

The Data You Need for Your Highest Risk Decisions

Deciding who to put in the C-suite – and CEO – is the highest risk decisions your company will make. So you need to be sure about your decision. And you need to be able to defend them to the company, board, and shareholders.

So, to make talent decisions at the top, you need one thing: objective data. Fortunately, DDI's C-suite assessment offers the most robust, objective data on the market.


of CEOs don't quit. They're fired.

Exechange, July 2019

An Authentic C-Suite Experience

Nothing predicts performance better than letting your candidates show you exactly what they’re going to do. With DDI's full day-in-the-life experience, your candidates get a realistic picture of the challenges they will face in any executive-level role. From handling challenging stakeholders to building vision and strategy, you’ll get all the data you need on how your candidates will perform before you make the critical decision of who’s going to lead your business into the future. 

And best of all, the data is all built and validated based on DDI's five decades of research and practice of assessment centers. 

Holistic Data, Custom to Your Business

When you’re an executive, everything you do affects the organization, from personal tendencies to strategic skills. DDI’s C-suite assessment measures the whole person, including personality, skills, and experience. But more than that, we’ll show you exactly what they’re truly capable of. And with our tailored approach, we make sure they’re right for the specific role in your company’s unique business context.

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Predict the Success of Succession

You may think you know how an executive you’ve been watching for years will perform in a higher role. And many high-performing execs think they want the job, only to regret the move. DDI’s C-suite assessment shows exactly where a candidate may struggle, and where they’re likely to excel. And it shows areas where candidates should focus on first as they get ready to advance. 

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