Leader3 Ready® Executive Assessment

Data to Drive Executive Excellence

You can’t guess when it comes to your executives and mid-level leaders. Nor do they want you to. To set up your leaders for success, you need holistic data that shows a clear view of their strengths and struggles. DDI’s Leader3 Ready® executive assessment is a deeply immersive simulation that will put your leaders in the driver’s seat. 

Designed specifically for your business context, Leader3 Ready will give you deep insights on your mid-level and early executive leaders. Whether for a vice president, general manager, director, or other early executive role, our executive insight dives into both the personality and skills that will create exceptional leaders.

And best of all? It can all be done virtually.

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of executive sponsors say simulation participants demonstrated increased receptivity to feedback post-assessment

DDI, The Value of Assessment

Immersive Development

Forget asking your mid-level leaders or early executives what they would do when faced with a next-level challenge. What matters is how they actually perform on the job. With Leader3 Ready, you can immerse your leaders in a realistic scenario to let them showcase their skills. 

And when the simulation is over? They get a full picture of how their skills and personal tendencies will affect their next career jump. And most importantly, they can see what they need to work on to find success. 

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Data on Your Executive Bench

Behind the scenes, Leader3 Ready gives you deep data about your executive bench to drive your future. Across your executive team, spot the gaps that could create vulnerability for your business. Then we’ll work with you to create an executive development plan to align and advance your team.  

More importantly, Leader3 Ready data can form the foundation of your succession plan. You’ll know who’s ready to step up to senior roles, and who needs more support. And when it’s down to the top candidates for a top position, our data will help you make a fair, unbiased decision. 

Wired for Your Changing Business

Unique on the market, Leader3 Ready delivers results tailored to your most critical business goals. Even better? When your business changes, you can see how your leaders’ skills stack up in the new environment. Whether you’re planning for now or for the future, Leader3 Ready gives a clear view of how your leadership teams stack up. 

“This ‘let me try’ approach to distilling feedback about performance allows leaders, and their managers, to gain intelligence and pass informed judgment about just how ready they are to lead successfully—today, tomorrow, and further into the future.”  

— Lacy Loew, VP and Principal Analyst, Talent Management, Brandon Hall Group