Virtual Reality Inclusion Training

Virtual Reality Builds Empathy

The missing piece of most diversity and inclusion training is empathy. But DDI’s award-winning virtual reality inclusion training can change that. With our Inclusion: Build Empathy experience, VR can do what no other type of training can do: Give you a true experience, like it is really happening to you.

That’s what can make the difference between having leaders who really “get it,” and having leaders who might support inclusion at an intellectual level, but don’t do much about it. 

Enter the Empathy Machine

Virtual reality technology is proving to be a surprising window into the human experience. In fact, research has begun to show that VR can noticeably improve soft skills such as empathy and listening, and commitment to social change.

In DDI's Inclusion: Build Empathy experience, we show people how it feels to be excluded and feel bias. Some of the things participants experience:

  • People make biased assumptions that you’re not qualified.  
  • You’re shut down when you have a different perspective.  
  • You’re not part of social activities.  
  • Everyone seems to believe that the problem is you. 

The result? Frustration. A desire to never experience that again. And the ultimate goal: Empathy. 

Does it work? Well, according to Fortune magazine, "This really has the potential to change corporate America."

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Illustration depicting how the virtual reality inclusion experience helps facilitate honest discussion of inclusivity?fm=webp&q=75

The Most Honest Discussion Your Team Has Ever Had

A deeply moving virtual reality inclusion training experience is just the start. The real value is in the conversation with your team afterward.

How do we connect the dots? A trained facilitator will lead your team in a guided discussion about how the experience made them feel. They'll also talk about what exclusion and bias look like at your organization. As a group, they'll also cover the business impact of exclusion and bias. Above all, the discussion ends with commitments to act.

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Plan Your Experience

DDI’s VR inclusion experience lasts approximately two hours and is designed to be delivered in small groups. Choose to use our expert facilitators, or we can train your internal trainers. While it is designed for leaders at any level, many companies choose to start with their executives. The session is ideal for use within your existing D&I initiatives or can be integrated into part of your leadership program. 

Don't Have VR Headsets?

No problem! We have a virtual classroom version. After experiencing the simulation on a computer, participants go through the facilitated discussion in virtual classroom breakout rooms.

DDI wins the Brandon Hall Group Gold award for excellence in the “Best Advance in Diversity and Inclusion Innovation” category, and another Gold award for excellence in “Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology."?fm=webp&q=75

Award-Winning Technology

DDI won a 2021 Brandon Hall Group Gold award for excellence in technology in the category "Future of Work: Best Advance in Diversity and Inclusion Innovation" for our virtual reality inclusion experience. 

We're committed to using the latest technology to provide innovative solutions that deliver on what leaders need most to get better.

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DDI won "Top HR Product of 2019" from HR Executive magazine and this is a badge of the award?fm=webp&q=75

"I’ve never felt more like 'the other' than I am feeling right now."

Human Resource Executive Magazine took an in-depth dive into DDI's virtual reality experience. In an interview with one of DDI's clients, Taiwan Brown, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Realpage, noted the impact of the experience on their executives.

“When we did the experience with our inclusion council, I had a person on my team who sat in, and we had a conversation afterward and he says he was amazed that senior leaders can experience exclusion too. That was a real ‘wow’ moment.”

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