Early Identifier: Leadership Potential Assessment

Identify Leadership Potential Sooner

Do you know who has the potential to lead at your company? And are you confident in how you're developing potential leaders? 

The Early Identifier is an online leadership potential assessment that gives you the data to spot future high-potential leaders earlier. The assessment also gives you high-value insights on strengths, gaps, and how personality could affect their performance. The result? You'll know who is ready for more targeted development and exactly what they'll need to grow. 

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Engage and Retain Future Leaders

The top three predictors of retention? Manager support, job challenge, and career growth opportunity. Our data shows that 68% of future leaders have left their job because their potential was overlooked. Early Identifier measures these things to see where the company can improve.

Even better? Your potential leaders will get a glimpse of what a leadership role may be like. If it's something they want to pursue, they'll get a clear report showing what they need to work on to get there. Not only that, they'll get tools for development plans and next steps, too.

There’s a good chance you’re overlooking leadership potential in your individual contributors. The risk? You lose your future leadership pipeline. Or worse, they run to your competitors.

— DDI On-Demand Webinar, How to Spot Potential Early

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Get a Holistic Picture with a Leadership Potential Assessment

If you're only looking at performance when making leadership decisions, you're doing it wrong. Using Early Identifier can help you spot who has the personality profile and the skills that make up an effective leader.

For example, are they assertive, curious, and open to feedback? Further, are they capable of driving results and leading change? After they take the assessment, you'll see the big picture of each participant. 

Build the Next Generation

Leaders excel when they have ownership over their development. This assessment provides candid insights and practical tips to help them make their growth their own. 

Further, Early Identifier gives stakeholders data to improve selection decisions and give insight into long-term bench strength. It's a win-win for everyone involved. Engaged employees are less likely to leave, and the company can forecast long-term bench strength. 

Download an overview of Early Identifier