Leadership Coaching

Strong Organizations Need Strong Coaches

It’s no secret that it’s difficult to stay current with the skills needed to survive in the digital workplace. That’s why it’s crucial that your organization has a strong leadership coaching culture from the top of the org chart to the bottom. 

For a team to be their best, their leaders must be able to coach them effectively. In turn, leaders need to be coached by their leaders, too. With this in mind, DDI can help you build your leadership coaching program from the ground up. 

Already have one in place? We can help you take your current one to the next level.

Coaching Skills Create a Coaching Culture

There’s a stark difference in employee expectations today and only 10 years ago. For example, employees don’t respond well to having a manager bossing them around. On the contrary, they respond to leaders who work by their side, helping them grow in their career. 

To build a coaching culture, leaders at all levels need strong coaching skills. Our high-impact leadership development program will help your leaders discover the secrets of becoming a great coach. 

Build a coaching culture

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Coaching for Early Executives

For new executives,  the pressure is intense. And when executives are under pressure, they start heading for some serious pitfalls. Based on our decades of executive coaching, we created a library of common pitfalls aligned to four types of pressure.

In our executive transition coaching program, we help executives recognize the symptoms of each of these pitfalls. Then we prioritize the pitfalls they are most likely to encounter based on their situation.

From there, we help them create a development path that will steer clear of their most likely pitfalls.

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Focused Coaching at the Very Top

Creating a culture of leadership coaching is only successful if it starts at the top. The best executives can struggle, even the ones who seem to have it all together. As a result, this creates a chain of strife down the corporate ladder. 

Our executive coaches have decades of experience working with the C-suite. They deliver authenticity, honest feedback, and candid perspective to drive performance. 

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