photo of a compass to show that the HR Leadership Insights Report shares new data and examines trends to help HR teams focus on the highest yield activities to move their organization in the right direction moving forward


HR Leadership Insights Report

A special HR leadership insights report from the Global Leadership Forecast series with new survey data and an examination of how trends have shaped HR’s current and future role in the market.

Publish Date: October 19, 2021

Read Time: 10 min

Author: DDI

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Research to Help HR Create a More Powerful Leadership Strategy

This special HR insights report from the Global Leadership Forecast 2021 series analyzes responses from 15,787 leaders and 2,102 human resources executives surveyed in 2020. Additionally, a subset of the same HR group was surveyed in September 2021 to examine what had changed and to forecast changes for 2022.

Here are just a few of the data points you'll see in the HR Insights Report:

  • Companies with high-quality D&I programs are 9X more likely to have high-quality leadership overall.
  • Internally hired leaders are successful 65% of the time, compared to 52% of external hires.
  • Organizations that focus on leading virtual teams during development have 36% more leaders highly effective at leading virtually than other organizations.

HR Leadership Insights Report
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