A Restless Leadership Pipeline Exposes Company Vulnerability

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Fragile Workforces Keep CEOs Up at Night

Is It Enough?

It's the starkly honest question on the minds of leaders at every level right now.

Are they doing enough to support their teams? Are senior leaders doing enough to engage and inspire their workforce, preparing them for the uncertainty and challenges ahead? And above all—is what they are doing at work enough to fulfill them personally, given the other priorities in their life?

In our research, we saw clear signs of a restless pipeline of leaders who are seeking more from their work and their employers. After leading through several years of challenges—from the pandemic to the Great Resignation to inflation—leaders are exhausted by constant change. As economic uncertainty looms ahead, leadership benches are thinning out and fewer people are willing to take on the additional responsibilities and hours.

Leaders are wondering if there are better places to build a career that complements the life they want. They have little tolerance for poor leadership. And they are looking for work cultures where trust runs fluently up and down the leadership ranks.

Above all, leaders seek growth. They strive for opportunity. They crave objective feedback on how they’re doing and what they could do better.

And they want to know that they are making an impact and doing meaningful work. Growth is crucial, not only in attracting and retaining top talent, but in building a pipeline of leaders who can quickly pivot to address shifting challenges.

The insights in this report are designed to fuel your leadership growth strategy. The data reveals where leaders are stalled and frustrated, and where there are powerful opportunities to engage and develop leaders. Most importantly, you will see how you can invest in the right development opportunities for your organization that will deliver the growth your leaders crave. Turn this data into action that will fuel your human and organizational growth in the next few years.

Fragile Workforces Keep CEOs Up at Night


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