Global apparel manufacturer Hanesbrands Inc., who makes shirts like the ones pictured here, used DDI to help them build a performance management program.

Client Story

Creating Successful and Scalable Performance Management at Hanesbrands Inc.

How Hanesbrands Inc. built a global performance management and employee development program to give both leaders and non-leaders critical skills to drive performance.

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The Need

Needed to create a new performance management solution and leadership development program to drive company performance.

The Solution

Hanesbrands Inc. worked with DDI to create and deliver courses to give its leaders critical skills, including how to coach, engage, and develop their teams. 

The Result

A performance management program with 83 percent utilization in the US and Europe and 100 percent in Central America, and similarly high satisfaction scores across all offices. The program was made part of global talent processes in just three years.

Global apparel manufacturer Hanesbrands Inc. was at a point where they needed to drive employee performance. To do it, they looked at how they could make their performance management processes better.

Their first step? They moved away from one-and-done annual performance reviews. And instead, they moved to a process focused on more conversations, and ongoing development goals and feedback.

As part of this shift, they worked with DDI to create a leadership development program that catered to the needs of their leaders and even non-leaders. And the results speak volumes. Within three years, their program went fully global, becoming an essential part of how all the company’s offices do business.

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